Tiger and Bunny | Taibani | タイガー・アンド・バニー 歌詞

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TIGER & BUNNY Opening Letra

Tiger and Bunny | Taibani | タイガー・アンド・バニー オープニング

TIGER & BUNNY Ending Letra

Tiger and Bunny | Taibani | タイガー・アンド・バニー エンディング
Anime Info
También llamado:Tiger and Bunny | Taibani | タイガー・アンド・バニー
Lanzado en el año:2011
Lanzado en:Primavera
Num Episodios:25


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Those with special abilities are called "NEXT" in Stern Bild City, and can use their powers for either good or bad. A special unified NEXT squad frequently appears on Hero TV, pursuing evildoers to put their backers to the forefront and winning Hero Points in the hopes of becoming the next "King of Heroes."Kotetsu T. Kaburagi, known as "Wild Tiger," is a veteran hero whose success has deteriorated since late, partly because of his inability to work with other heroes. He is partnered with a brand new hero who calls himself by his real name—Barnaby Brooks Jr.

Following a poor season where most of the other heroes greatly outperformed Tiger.
Barnaby, apodado "Bunny" por su frívola nueva novia, revela fácilmente que los dos no podrían ser diferentes. Mientras se mezclan con aceite y agua, Tiger y Bunny deben aprender a trabajar juntos, tanto por el bien de sus trabajos como para enfrentar las amenazas potenciales dentro de Stern Bild..

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